Breastfeeding update

For the past 3 weeks, Joshua started refusing the bottle at various times during the day. In keeping with Dr. Lee’s advice, we give him as much/as little formula as he demands. So when he refuses the bottle, we don’t force him to take it.

For the first 2 months of his life, Joshua took between 400 to 500 ml of formula a day. The last few weeks saw a significant drop in the amount. First it went down to 350 ml a day, then to 300 ml, and just this last week one day he only took 160 ml. But because his weight gain is still in the normal range, I haven’t worried too much.

Breastfeeding hasn’t quite been as intense of a battle as it used to be. I have come to terms with the fact that I have to supplement with formula. Although it seems like an encouraging sign that Joshua is likely now getting more breast milk from me and hence the drop in demand of the formula. Deep down inside, I still have dreams of exclusively breastfeeding him.

It is such a short time in his life that I can breastfeed and give him the best nutrients I possibly can. In another 3 months, he’ll be starting solid food, and who knows, he might wean himself off breast milk. I’m going to treasure this very short time of breastfeeding!


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