Full body massage

Cliff and I took a full-body massage class with Lou Lynn. It was a three-session course, once a week at our home. Ever since the start of the course, Joshua has enjoyed a massage every evening. Now that we have completed the course, he gets to enjoy the full meal deal–a full body massage every evening.

Lou taught us that we always ask Joshua if he would like a massage that evening. This is to create a sense for the child that he always has a voice and he can choose to receive a massage or not.

We always ask Joshua if he would like a massage, and I swear that even at 8 weeks old he knew what we were asking. After the first couple of evenings, it would seem like he knew what was coming, and he would calm down. At 10 weeks, it looks like he would even give us one of his legs to get started on. He enjoys the whole massage every evening, and we love giving it to him as a quality bonding time.

Joshua loves receiving a massage:

Happy baby:


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