So in love

I am so in love with my baby!

While Cliff took Sam for Sam’s swim today, Joshua and I had a little photo shoot session at home. The sunlight was coming in nicely for it, so it was all done with natural light.

I am still constantly blown away by having Joshua in my arms. It feels like a miracle and a complete blessing that he is in our lives. We have done so little to create this little being, compared to how amazing he is. I love just watching him sleep, or smile, or cry. I mean, who taught him to do these things? Who could have made him so wonderful?

Joshua has grown so fast. He used to fit nicely in my arms, and now his legs are hanging off because he has gotten so long. Before I know it, he’ll be all grown up and leaving home (and leaving old mommy behind)!

I tried so hard to treasure every moment of being with Joshua. Still, he has grown up faster than I wanted.


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