What a year!

The start of the year was a bit of a low for me, as I was still dealing with the miscarriage that happened late in 2009. Emotionally, I was a wreck. Work wasn’t all that inspiring either. The only thing that I was looking forward to was the Olympics coming to town.

During the Olympics, that’s when I found out I was pregnant again. Then a few scares in terms of complications came along the way that kept me on my toes. All the while we were apartment hunting, and finally bought the condo in April.

We moved to the new condo in June, in time to enjoy the summer on the deck. My belly was getting bigger and the complications never came back. We had a nice summer, and went away to Cannon Beach in September.

The highlight of the year, of course, is the birth of Joshua. Nothing can compare to the rush and the joy of having this baby. I am so grateful to God that Joshua is a healthy baby, and that he is now in our arms safely.

As the year closes out tonight, all I can think of is how grateful I am. I have no regrets this year, and I look forward to watching Joshua grow into his own person in the next year.


Josh and Sam hanging out:


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