Joshua’s first Christmas

The day began like any other day. Joshua woke up around 8:45 am from his sleep, wanting to be fed. After that, we woke up Cliff and made some coffee for him. Then we went to the living room to open presents.

Opening presents is supposed to be the most exciting part of Christmas morning. Joshua, on the other hand, slept through the entire event even though most of the presents were his. Oh well, it’s not like he cares about getting a new outfit or a new toy at this point in his life.

Cliff and I got each other some smaller items as stocking stuffers. He got me some cake decorating tips, a mortar and pestle, some chocolates, etc. I was so grateful to be with him and Joshua on Christmas morning, having a quiet but joyous time together. Most of all, I’m so grateful that Joshua is healthy and safe with us. He is truly the best present one could ever ask for!

Joshua got a load of presents but slept through it all:

Sam was very happy with his new duck:

Joshua’s first picture with obajan:

Napping with mommy:


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