Exceeded his birth weight

After heavily supplementing on formula for 5 days, we went back to see Dr. L again today. Joshua has now slightly exceeded his birth weight. He has 8 or more bowel movements each day, and over 10 wet diapers. Dr. L said that these are all good signs that he is on the right track.

Even with medication to assist with milk production, I’m only able to pump out about 15 ml of breast milk each time. This is a source of frustration for me, but at least I know he’s getting the nutrients from the formula we’re feeding him.

Now it seems to me that I can finally take a breather and enjoy motherhood. I am trying NOT to beat myself up over things I have no control over, and stop worrying about Joshua’s weight/health.

With a baby, days and nights, week days and week nights all seem to blur together. Time no longer has much meaning. Diaper change after diaper change, feed after feed, spit up after spit up…I am enjoying every moment of this precious time with my son. I am already worried that he’s growing up so fast. Even with the lack of sleep, I cannot stop smiling when I see him. He is so precious.

I miss being pregnant with him. I know I will miss his baby stage too.

A little photo shoot at home today:


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