Weight gain of 200 g

Since last night, I’ve been feeding Joshua formula. He would eat, not fuss, and just fall asleep. He transformed from this angry little guy screaming until he is red in the face, to this gentle little soul who just pretends to cry when he’s hungry.

We went back to see Dr. C during the day. Joshua has put on 200 grams within a day. This was very good progress. Dr. C told us that she gave birth to her own first child via c-section under general anesthesia, and she had multitudes of complications and infections. She had trouble breastfeeding, and had to heavily supplement with formula. Now that her son is in third year university, he’s doing well and is a great athlete.

It was very nice of her to share her personal experience with me. It made me feel less like a loser, but more just human.

We were directed to continue to feed Joshua with formula, and monitor his weight.


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