Appointment with the doctor

The morning started with a “serious discussion” with Cliff. He made a comment that if he had to keep working, he couldn’t handle being up at night dealing with Joshua’s crying. I knew he was very tired and frustrated. I was tired and frustrated too, but I didn’t feel like making a comment like that was helping anyone. With both my breasts and belly incision in pain, and the lack of sleep, a positive attitude is all I have left to hang onto.

Since we were discharged from the hospital a day early, we had to visit Dr. Lee at her office to check the baby’s weight. When we left the hospital, he had dropped about 6% of his birth weight. Within 10% is considered normal.

We got to Dr. Lee’s office, and found out that Joshua had dropped just over 10% of his birth weight. Dr. Lee asked Dr. C to clip Joshua’s tongue tie, hoping that it would help with breastfeeding. Dr. C is a sharp looking middle aged lady. She has over 35 years of experience with family practice. She clipped Joshua’s tongue tie, and asked me to try to nurse him. When I did, she gave me some tips of how to make the feeding more effective. But she also made a comment that people with my breast shape tend to not produce enough milk for their babies. With Joshua screaming and kicking at my very sore breasts, and three doctors and Cliff cramped in that little office, I was dismissive of what she said because I just wanted to get out.

Dr. Lee suggested that we supplement formula on top of the breastfeeding. She gave us some formula sample to take home and a medicine dropper to feed Joshua with.

That evening, I took Dr. C’s tips on squeezing my breast with one hand while nursing. It felt like it make a world of difference! I wasn’t in so much pain anymore, and Joshua seemed to cry and scream a lot less. I was so hopeful that this was exactly the break I needed to fully enjoy the entire experience of having my baby. I topped up each feeding with some formula, but Joshua would fall asleep after taking only 10 ml of formula. I figured he was satisfied, and I felt so much better.

We would have to go back and see Dr. C again tomorrow to double check Joshua’s weight.

Hanging out with Sam:

Hanging out in grandma’s room:


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