Going home

The morning was full of activities. Dr. Lee came to check on Joshua. His weight has dropped about 6%, but she was not too concerned with the number. She was comfortable enough to discharge him from the hospital, provided that we go see her at her office tomorrow.

Someone came by to tell me about a postpartum physiotherapy class I could attend in the hospital, so I took Joshua and went to the class. They gave some good tips on posture and exercises to do to help with recovery.

A public health nurse came by to tell us about their services. The hearing specialist came by to test Joshua’s hearing (and he passed). Cliff took Joshua to a photo session just down the hall. Dr. Selke who performed my c-section came to check on me and discharged me from the hospital.

When it was all said and done, it was noon. Joshua and I got dressed, Cliff packed up all of our belongings, we picked up Sam from Betty at GM, and we headed home.

The first evening home, I was desperate for some hope. I kept breastfeeding Joshua all night, getting almost no sleep, and he kept crying and kicking his little legs in anger. I wasn’t sure what was wrong. His cry was so loud that it seemed to echo through the apartment. Cliff would try to rock him to sleep, and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. My breasts were in so much pain that every time he nursed, I was sucking back tears.

I kept telling myself that this is all normal, and just bear with it. When I looked at Joshua’s face, I knew whatever I had to do for him would be worth it, and I was more than willing. The pain did not take away the enjoyment of being with him.


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