Mindset changes

There are many things about a pregnancy that are difficult to explain unless one goes through the experience herself. Other than the outward changes of weight gain and a big belly, many other things change too.

The biggest change for me is the mindset.

It has been a beeeautiful summer here in Vancouver. The sun shined for over 5 weeks straight. It would have been ideal to take off on my own and ride my motorcycle, chasing twisty roads. In April, I sold my beloved BMW Dakar. At the start of summer, I did envy a bit of other bikers on the road. But as my belly got bigger, I have stopped looking at bikes. Somehow, for me, the priority has changed. Bikes will always be there, and one day I will ride again. But being pregnant with Joshua is only going to last 40 weeks, and I treasure this more than anything else I can enjoy this summer.

For the last 4 years, every year we have gone on a big trip of some sort. One year I rode the FZ6 to Halifax, one year we drove to Alaska, one year we climbed Kilimanjaro, and one year we went to Botswana and Namibia. But this year, we stayed around town. A combination of Cliff’s job loss and buying a new condo put us in a financial position that a big trip will not be very wise. Although I ached to travel, I don’t want to put us in a bind when Joshua is born. One day, we’ll travel to far ends of the earth again. This year, we will enjoy the Vancouver sunshine.

Is any of this a sacrifice? I don’t think of it that way. Being pregnant with Joshua is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.


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