Cloth diapers

We are now into the 28th week of the pregnancy. We held off on all the baby-related purchases, because of the moving plans in mid-July.

Now that we have moved, there is really no more excuses to put off the purchases. However, given the space constraint, we have to smart with purchases. For example, I have no plans to buy a high chair because it takes up too much precious floor space. We’re also putting off buying a crib, because for the first couple of months the grandparents will be occupying the baby room. I would have even avoided a change table, except one was donated to us and we gladly accepted it.

There are certain things we cannot avoid. For example, diapers, clothes, receiving blankets, etc. After much research and discussion, we decided to go the cloth diaper route. It is much more expensive to start this way, but it will be so much better for the environment.

Before starting on the diaper research, I had no idea that a new born goes through almost 100 diapers a week! That is a huge amount of garbage that will take hundreds of years to deteriorate in the landfill! Not that we are environmental freaks or hardcore tree huggers, but it just doesn’t seem to make sense to use disposables when we are at home.

There is a large selection of cloth diapers. Of course, we figured the organic variety is the only one good enough for our precious baby boy. That doubles the price, but we have been bitten hard by the “new parent” bug.

The new diapers arrived. I love how cute they are, and couldn’t resist to take some pictures of them.

The thought of all the extra laundry does scare me a little. Having said that, these diapers aren’t very big. Even if Joshua went through 10 of them a day, that’s a small load. With all the clothes and receiving blankets I have to wash, I doubt these will add much to the load size.

Well, we’ll see how things go. No one can predict right now what will happen once we start using these. For now I’m only going to take 1/2 of the shipment out of the package. In case things just don’t work out, I can still sell the other half as brand new.


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