Shoes don’t fit

One day last week, my favourite pair of Coach shoes right shoe started bothering me. They are normally my most comfortable pair of work shoes. But the right one was rubbing on my heel all day. I was baffled.

I went and bought a new pair of Hush Puppies, which tend to be very comfortable shoes. Two days later, they start to rub on my heels too.

I tried my favourite Coach shoes again today, and now both shoes rub on my heels. What the heck? Did the shoes shrink? Or did my feet grow bigger?

I posted this comment on Facebook, then friends who have previously been pregnant all advised that this is normal for being pregnant. Apparently your feet grow bigger. Interesting!

But when I feel Joshua flutter and move in my tummy, I just think that I am so blessed to be pregnant with him. Who cares about those shoes!


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