Feeling the kicks

Back at around 19 weeks, I started feeling the flutters in my tummy. It started with what feels like “bubbling”. I thought I was having stomach issues. A few days later, the “bubbling” continued, then I figured it was the baby moving.

Now at 24 weeks, sometimes I feel like Joshua is mad at me. I get this one-time punch or kick, then nothing happens for a few seconds, then another punch or kick. It would be so strong that it wakes me up, and I can see the shape of my belly change when he does that!

It’s hard to imagine something that’s less than 2 lbs can put out such force. And it always makes me wonder what he is doing in there.

He is the most active in the afternoons and early evenings. Most days I’ll be sitting at my desk at work, and he would start the fluttering and kicking around 1:30 pm, and continue to around 6 pm. It makes focusing on work quite difficult in the afternoons.

It is the oddest feeling to have something inside of me, with a mind of its own, and do things I cannot control. It certainly makes all the alien movies seem normal. Having said that, it is the oddest wonderful feeling I’ve ever felt. There’s a little life growing inside me. I can’t explain why God designed a woman’s body to do this, but it certainly is a blessing and a gift.


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