It’s a boy!

I’ve always wanted a boy I can play rough with. All the things I enjoy doing seem to fit better for a boy (rugby, motorcycles, camping, etc), so I wanted a boy who can enjoy the same things without feeling judged like I do.

But once I got pregnant, Cliff and I have somehow decided that we wanted a girl. Both our siblings have boys, so we thought a girl would be nice to throw in the mix.

The ultrasound technician at Women’s won’t tell us the gender, even when I asked her point blank what the “cluster” was. I was quite sure they were testicles, but she told me it was the umbilical cord. Right. She did say she’ll put the gender in the report to my doctor, and it’s up to the doctor to tell me the gender of the baby.

After waiting 4 or 5 days, Dr. Lee finally called. She reported that the baby is healthy and normal based on the ultrasound. I asked her for the gender of the baby, she was a bit reluctant to tell me. Finally she did tell me it’s a boy. After hanging up the phone, I cried.

I wanted a girl, and I wanted a boy. So I got what I wanted, and I just felt so emotional.

If it was a girl, I would have been a little disappointed it wasn’t a boy. Now we know we have a boy, we’re a little disappointed it wasn’t a girl. It’s hard to explain the equal-ness of the desire for a boy and a girl, and the equal-ness of the little bit of disappointment.

I am so excited we’re having a boy. I would have been so excited if we were having a girl.


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