That’s a Wrap

This fantastic time at WAR has come to an end. I had my “training” session with the Coordinator and Finance Officer today to go over the financial policy. There were some additional changes I had to make, but the policy is ready for the Board to approve.

Towards the end of the training session, I was getting a little antsy as Cliff was suppose to be arriving in Maun. As soon as the session is over, I bolted down the street to the airport to pick him up. It was so good to see him after being apart for 3 weeks!

We had a potluk lunch at WAR with all the staff. I made spicy Chinese noodles which they enjoyed. They gave me a very nice hand woven purse, a bracelet and earings with Botswana flag colors, and some keychains with my name stamped on them. It was a very nice gesture. I gave everyone their gifts. I just sat and enjoyed the joyful chatters in Setswana, trying to savour the last couple of hours I have with these wonderful people.

Cliff and I will be hanging out tomorrow, and going to the Delta on Sunday. I will make a few more postings later next week with the pictures from the Delta.

Stay tuned!

The potluk lunch:

Annhara, the lawyer:

Pajti, the head councellor’s daughter:

Babsy, the safe house staff:

Alice, the finance officer:

Neo, one of the counsellors:


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