Financial Policy

I’m making a quick posting before going off-line for the weekend.  

So far this week, I’ve had a number of meetings with various stakeholders of WAR’s financial and accounting system, and I have done a first draft of the financial policy for the organization.  When the finance officer comes back next week, I’ll be able to seek her input and work on finalizing the policy.

The next step for me is to ensure a proper training program is developed and delivered so that the employees would adapt to the policy.  The written policy is a reflection of many things that they are already doing, but with some modification so that there is better accountability.

I will be posting more pictures and interesting things about Botswana on the weekend.  There’s an educational park in town I’ll be checking out, and hopefully have some pictures of animals for you to see soon.

By the way, I really appreciate the comments and e-mails.  Please keep them coming!  I love hearing about your thoughts on this blog.

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