Cross country ride, Day 2

Day 2  680 km/408 miles (Spokane WA to Deer Lodge MT)

I spent the first bit of the morning riding concrete slabs, so I can get to Moscow to start riding Highway 12 to Lolo Pass.

I was tired from the lack of quality sleep, and my eyes were sore and puffy from crying. However, the thought of riding Highway 12 got me really excited.  The weather forecast for the day was a mix of sun and clouds—perfect!

I followed this site’s route suggestion from Moscow to Lolo Pass.  The road from Moscow->Troy->Kendrick->Orofino is tight twisties!  I’m so glad I followed someone’s route suggestion.

When I saw the sign for “Winding Road Next 77 Miles”, I couldn’t help but stop and take some pictures.

Highway 12 is the kind of road to my liking.  No stops, twisty (but not too tight), nice pavement, and scenic.

I thought about last summer’s trip to California; thought about all the good roads I’ve been on; thought about how BCRider would love this road.  I grinned the whole 77 miles.

In my mind, the plan for coming back to this road again was already forming even before I reached the other end.

I stopped at the visitor center for the washroom, only to have 5 people walk by and wanted to talk about my trip.  People see a BC plate and they want to know where I’m going and why I ride alone.  I eventually had to tell the last person I was starting to do the pee-dance and really needed to be excused.

The Lolo Pass Visitor Center has the nicest bathroom I’ve seen on the whole trip.  It looks like a log home with stainless steel fixtures.

The rest of the day was spent on highways, and I ended up at Deer Lodge KOA camp site.  This site was one of the cheapest but best KOA site I have stayed at (US$18), with free wireless internet access, kitchen, and free local calls.

After setting up the tent and taking a hot shower, I broke out my trusty little stove and made dinner.  Mmmm…look at my yummy food: pasta, cream of mushroom soup, canned chicken meat, and frozen peas.

I was in much better spirit today for some reason.  After dinner, I made my daily check-in call to my husband, planned next day’s route, and went to sleep.




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