Day 15/365 {Spin}


I started going to spin classes about 5 months ago, because I wanted to change up my running routine with something very low impact. After trying a few different classes, I settled on this one. Each time I go, I get my behind whipped by the nicest instructor and I become a sweaty mess. She makes me want to yell “yeehaw” and “fffff…” at the same time. She challenges me without being overbearing, and encourages me without giving me an excuse to do less. I’d say that makes her a pretty amazing instructor.

Day 14/365 {Up}

The last time we came to this playground, Savanna was strapped to me in a Ergo baby carrier, and Josh needed help to get up the steep steps. Today, Josh did the zip line and climbed up the rope ladder to the top of the giant slide, and Savanna didn’t want me to hold her hand going up the stairs. These damn children are growing too fast.


Day 13/365 {Colors}

I rarely go into Opus, the art supply store. But every time I do, I want to spend hours in there and buy everything. Or maybe just look at everything.

My mom is very artistic. While my mom is visiting, we took the chance yesterday to go browse at Opus so she can pick up some art supplies. I walked up and down the isles checking everything out, fascinated by all the colors and materials.


Day 12/365 {North}

Living in Vancouver, we are spoiled. “Winter” is generally +3 degrees Celsius. Today I had to go to “the North” for work–Prince George. Boy, is it ever cold.

The entire flight up was the view of beautiful mountain ranges covered in snow. I happily played with my new mirrorless camera.

When I landed, it was -28 C. With windchill, apparently it felt like -36 C. But hey, I can’t tell the difference between -28 and -36. It was just really cold. Walking from the airport terminal to the cab was maybe 30 ft, and I almost keeled over.


Day 11/365 {Dawn}

Through most of my life, I was never a morning person. In the past couple of years, things started to change. I decided that the only way for me to fit in a run or a workout in my day is to do it in the morning. If I wait till later in the day, it gives me too much time and too many opportunities to come up with excuses of why I should skip the day.

So I started running or working out before work. Slowly, I became a morning person. And slowly, I began to enjoy it.

Looks like I have a couple of neighbours awake early this morning too.


Day 10/365 {Flowers}


I bought flowers on the weekend.

I almost never buy flowers. In fact, when Cliff and I started dating, I told him to stop buying me flowers because it is frivolous and they die in a week. I would much prefer something that I can utilize for more than a week. He started buying me kitchen utensils. So I married him.

But this weekend’s Apartment Therapy challenge is to buy flowers. It’s a “gift” for your home. So I went to a flower shop down the road, and bought the cheapest flowers I can find. Because, you know, I still kinda think it’s frivolous. It was either a potted little cypress left over from Christmas, or these tulips. I thought the tulips looked nice.

I put the tulips in the only vase we own. Josh commented that it is so nice to have some flowers. Wow. I might start buying flowers more often!