Day 48/365 {Fly away}


We regularly play this game called “airplane”. I lay on my back, and lift one of the kids up into the air with just my legs. We always call out “lift off”, then “fly away Savanna/Joshua”. They stay up in the air for a while, then we hit some turbulence, then we call out “may day may day”, then they crash to the ground, and we all giggle.

Day 47/365 {Valentine}


It was Valentine’s Day on Tuesday. When I got home, Savanna ran to me with a big smile on her face, and gave me a heart sticker. With her sweet little voice, she said, “Mommy, here’s a sticker for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

I melted into a puddle.

I told her I would put the sticker on my heart rate monitor, because the monitor knows how fast my heart is beating. She thought it was a good idea. The sticker has stayed on now through 3 workouts and a spin class.

Day 46/365 {Sous Vide}


I eat a lot of chicken breasts. It’s lean and healthy. I have tried all different ways of making chicken breast to try and make it tender/juicy. Some methods work better than others.

The only method I haven’t tried is sous vide. I have heard about it and have seen it, but have never tried it myself. I finally broke down and bought an immersion circulator.

The first thing I made was some brined chicken breast. 90 minutes at 140F later, I was blown away by how juicy and tender the chicken was. I am never going back to any other cooking methods when it comes to chicken breasts.

Day 44/365 {Family Day}


Today is BC’s Family Day. I was very tempted to go to work, as last week’s conference just means a backlog of work sitting on my desk. In the end, I decided to spend the entire day with the kids. Josh and I did a workout together (well, I worked out, he sort of did a few minutes before running off), we went to the theatre and watched a movie, made some homemade food at home, and crammed in some time at the park to ride our skateboards.

Day 43/365 {Fall}


No, it’s not the best photo I had from Sunday. It’s out of focus, and it’s framed weird. I snapped it quickly while I was running towards her. But I love this photo, because it’s a very real part of life. We fall, we skin our knees, and we cry. Not every photo that shows up on Facebook is representative of our lives. I am trying to throw in a few on my blog that is real.

Day 41/365 {Pilates}


Pilates is not one my favorite workouts in the BeachBody library, even when it’s lead by my favorite trainer. I find it kind of boring. But this week, I have had lots of airport hours with plane delays, conference sessions, networking, a few too many late nights and drinks, and a full day of training session to finish the week. By Friday night, I needed something to focus my energy without over exerting myself. I did pilates with a resistance band, and felt 100 times better. Savanna followed along with me, making the workout even better.